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MY DEAREST FRIEND just picked up a C7Prize!

Added on by Patrick Greene.

The C7Prize ("Choirs, Conductors, and Composers Collaborating on a Choral Composition Competition") is a very cool new competition: it links composers, conductors, and performers throughout the adjudication process, and increases the exposure of a diverse array of new choral works. 

As a "Recommended Work," My Dearest Friend will be performed at least once this year, and will be shopped around (by the fine folks running the competition) to various conductors and choirs. 

The piece, which was composed for the wedding of two very good friends of mine back in 2011, has long been one of my favorites. I'm glad it's getting some increased exposure, and can't wait to see what some new performers bring to it (it's only been performed once, publicly). 

2015 is shaping up to be a pretty good year, if these past few weeks are any indication.