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"Meet the Composer" interview with Boston Musica Viva

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I recently had the pleasure of joining composer/BMV intern Nicholas Tran for lunch to talk about music, life, work, and much more. Give it a read!

Machine Language for Beginners comes back to life this weekend on Saturday, October 5 at 8pm at Longy in Cambridge, MA. The ensemble is sounding absolutely AMAZING, and I’d love to see you there! Tickets are at


New performance added!

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Year of Glad is finally coming to Boston! Here are the event details, from Joelle Kross (who premiered YoG in Chicago two years ago):

Joelle Kross, soprano
Clera Ryu, piano

"Patrick Greene wrote a beautiful song cycle for my masters recital, and it's about time it was performed in Boston!

Year of Glad sets poems from Jenni B. Baker's Erasing Infinite, based on David Foster Wallace’s epic novel Infinite Jest. She is taking each of the novel’s 1,079 pages and digitally erasing most of the words on the page, leaving poems that, in Patrick’s words, “distill and explode and refract the words of my favorite book.” Patrick was also inspired by Robert Schumann’s Frauenliebe und –leben. Both song cycles follow a woman’s love and life from first meeting her man, though their life together, his death, and beyond, but Patrick’s offers a decidedly more modern take on relationships. This performance will pair Year of Glad with selections from Frauenliebe und -leben.

I am also delighted to present works by two wonderful Chicago-based composers: Heidi Joosten's She and Amy Beth Kirsten's To See What I See.

Donations gratefully accepted to cover producing expenses."

Mabinte: A Look Back

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Now that it's been more than a year since the premiere of Mabinte—one of my all-time favorite musical experiences to date—I figured I'd finally get around to sharing some photographs from the premiere.

August 17 was a beautiful, warm night on the Charles River Esplanade, and it was a great chance to collaborate with some truly remarkable people. I co-composed the piece with Ryan Edwards, and our piece was choreographed by the inimitable Brian Mirage. Students from Camp Harbor View, Yawkey Club of Roxbury, and others joined in the show, and the Boston Landmarks Orchestra—under the effervescent baton of Christopher Wilkins—filled the air with sound. There were something like 4,000 people in attendance. It was just amazing.

All photos are by Michael Dwyer.