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Review: STILL LIFE, 1985 (2012)

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The Equilibrium Concert Series' Bloom concert last week at Alpha Gallery was a great success, and it was an honor to have my music played so beautifully. The Boston Musical Intelligencer apparently agreed! Check out Stefanie Lubkowski's review, which just went up today.

An excerpt:

Patrick Greene’s Still Life, 1985, an accompaniment to the painting of the same name, was similarly contemplative, but with a bit more contrast to its ebb and flow. The eponymous painting was one of several in which Bloom rendered vases amassed on a draped table with a bold Technicolor palate and an evocative depiction of light glinting off the golden surfaces. This clarinet, viola, and cello trio began with all three instruments in a single note unison passage that soon broke out into short micro melodies energetically led by the clarinetist Kevin Price. As the piece progressed, longer passages of somber melody and harmony emerged, again with the clarinet in the lead and the strings setting the foundation. Eventually, violist Zoe Kemmerling and cellist Christopher Homick took center stage with a beautifully played elegiac melody. The coda then collapsed back into a harmonically reduced and texturally sparse section reminiscent of the introductory passages. This coda however, was less of a denouement and more of a revelation, like the moment when light breaks into a room, revealing what was previously hidden.

The piece will be played again in the same space tomorrow night at 8pm. I unfortunately can't make that performance, but please come out and support Equilibrium! It really is a wonderful evening of music and art.

I'll also be posting an audio excerpt from the performance on here shortly, so stay tuned.

Upcoming engagements: May and June 2012

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Looks like the late spring is shaping up to be a busy time! Here's a look at what's coming down the pike.

Hope to see you at some of these!