RADIUM GIRLS opens tonight! Here's a sneak peak at the sound design.

Added on by Patrick Greene.

This was a blast of a project, and I firmly encourage all of you to go see the show, which runs from September 4th through September 19th at the Charlestown Working Theater in Charlestown, MA. You can pick up tickets here, and you should! They've put together a magnificent production.

This excerpt is from a dream sequence, and it's best listened to with headphones (and a diaper, perhaps; this thing turns into a nightmare pretty quickly). Some of the sounds you'll hear: whale calls; Geiger counters; a sine-wave interpretation of the radioactive decay of an isotope of radium; and a choir of Meinl Helix Bowls, which are just freaking awesome (see my ESDO post below). And, you know, crying children. Because it's a nightmare.