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Looking back before moving ahead ...

Added on by Patrick Greene.

For the past decade or so, I've used a series of Moleskine Art Plus Music Notebooks to map out ideas: motivic materials, rhythmic schema, notes to myself, sketches (musical and otherwise), etc. They've become an integral part of my creative process, but they've also served as creative waypoints; I flip through them every few years to see how I've developed, where life's taken me, that sort of thing.

Now that I've crammed the last bit of material into one (a sixteenth-note G sharp on a bass clarinet, for those of you keeping score at home), I figured I'd flip through this puppy and highlight some especially memorable moments from the past couple of years.  

And so it begins ...

Left: Memorizing lines for Wax Wings Productions' THE TRAGICAL HISTORY OF DOCTOR FAUSTUS; Right: Mapping out clarinet multiphonics for CHARLES & RAY

Left: Measuring furniture in preparation for our move to Lincoln, MA in February of 2013; Right: The first harmonic sketches of STEEL SYMPHONY

Left: Notes from our "birthing class" at Mount Auburn Hospital (where our son was born a few months later); Right: Figuring out the ending to STEEL SYMPHONY

Left and Right: Mapping out an array of extended techniques utilized throughout THE TOWER

Left: While walking through the Lincoln wilderness, I stumbled upon a new "office" (to which I've returned many times since); Right: Mapping out isorhythmic material for THE TOWER (used in the "winding staircase" section

Sketching out ideas for the poster design of Wax Wings Productions' HAMLET: PRINCE OF DENMARK

Left and Right: Notes from an especially productive Fifth Floor Collective meeting at a coffee shop in Brighton---we were mapping out our first-ever collaborative composition, TRIPTYCH, about which much more information will be coming soon

Rounding out the final page---182---of this current notebook: motivic sketches for my upcoming loadbang piece, COME SOON, YOU FERAL CATS. More info on this one coming as well!

Objects of My Affection: Eames RAR Rocker

Added on by Patrick Greene.

The Eames RAR (rocking armchair rod) Rocker is a perfect example of timelessness in design: it could've been created in 2009 in a boutique workshop in São Paulo (it wasn't), or it could've been born in a crazy Renaissance-style think-tank/24-hour carnival/cultural epicenter in California for a competition at the MoMA six decades ago (it was). It's equal parts earthy/traditional (maple rockers, small footprint) and modern/industrial (bright-yellow fiberglass shell, steel base). It looks just as good outside on the deck as it does in a hyper-modern office, and looks even better when it's rocking a newborn baby to sleep.


It's also incredibly comfortable.

Just ask him.

Just ask him.

We got ours about a month ago at Machine Age, which is probably the coolest store on the planet. Some years ago, Herman Miller (the manufacturer) decided to switch to plastic shells (in the name of environmental soundness). Ours, though, is the original fiberglass, and it's got a wonderful texture.

I hope this stays in our family for generations. I hope our great-grandchildren park their hoverboards to stare at it, wide-eyed, believing that they've witnessed something sent back from the future to enthrall them.