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Get 'em while they're hot! The Tower is formatted and re-physicalized

Added on by Patrick Greene.

I've always found formatting the final score to be a bit daunting. With a piece as long as this one is, it's just about impossible to catch everything---and sometimes, when you do correct an error (collisions, auto-spacing disasters, etc.), it somehow sets off a chain reaction thirty or forty pages away. Notation software is a tremendous asset, but self-publishing means you're not just accountable for the music; you're accountable for the professionalism of the final, physical product as well.

It's pretty damn enjoyable when it goes well, and just about the worst part of writing music when it doesn't. I've checked and re-checked this whole beast a few times, though, so I'm hoping it came alright. 

Anyway, here are a few shots of the finished product!

Front cover - pretty straightforward

Back cover - geometric rendering of a key scene. 

Performance notes page - loadbang is an extremely adventurous ensemble, so I've tried to give them plenty to work with.

The first batch is done! They're currently en route to NYC.